When the world stirs to life – Rev Gareth Darlow

Someone has been sneaking out.
In the dead of morning (presumably at a legal time).
Someone has been sneaking out of their house
and infiltrating Altona Beach.

And once there,
while it’s just them and the seagulls,
(and i presume the occasional enthusiast
getting in their early morning jog before spending a day on zoom,
and probably also some delivery drivers,
Look. This works better if it’s just the people sneaking out in the dead of morning, so let’s stick with them.)
All alone (Yes! Alone!)
they’ve been giving their 5km world a gift.

When the world stirs to life a few hours late…
When the first wanderers appear with their dogs or their kids, or both…
they find before them
arrayed in splendour,
a magical world in the sand.

Sand penguins are playing soccer
while further down the beach
a sand octopus looks on.
If you walk a bit further,
a sand-gator hungrily circles a wary sand-turtle.

It’ll be gone tomorrow.
Mostly kids.
Sand will rejoin sand
reminding us all that nothing lasts forever.

“Nothing lasts forever” is a message I can live with right now.
And so is the other one;
the message that while the world is busily handing us dismay and distress,
I can choose to start handing on some of my misfortune
so that my misery will be shared

I can look for ways to make everything a bit magic.
Mainly for others but I might find some magic there for me too.

I’m going to try to choose that one.
The magic one.
That’s the one I’m going to try.

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