Message from Gareth

In the first moments after dawn,
as the sun washes the landscape clean
and begins colouring the trees and buildings around you
in gentle pastel,

If you’re lucky enough to see the dawn;
If you happen to be standing, watching, shaking the sleep from bleary eyes,
rubbing your hands across your face and wondering what the day will bring;

As the first gentle light seeks you out and you look a few meters away for details,
you might realise just how dark it still is…. how little of what lies ahead is clear.

As the sun’s tentative warmth reaches out and gently kisses your forehead,
you might realise just how cold the night has been,
and suddenly shivering, head indoors to find hot strong coffee.

There is a time before the light has won.

There is a moment
every morning
when darkness seems about to reclaim the world
and keep it for its own.

We seek out against the greying world
companions in a firm belief.
A light appears in the darkness
and the darkness will not drag it down.

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